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Sessions from CareerCampSCV

Here is a list of the presentations and breakout sessions from CareerCampSCV. Video links will be added as the content becomes available.

  • Session 1
    • Managing your online presence while seeking a job – [Sildes]
    • Tools for negotiating change
    • (Description Missing)
    • Self-Employment: Is it right for you? – [Video]
    • (Description Missing)
    • Breakout: How do you get past the web?
    • Breakout: Interview Skills
    • Breakout: People between jobs: Tools and resources for your job search
    • Breakout: (Description Missing)
  • Session 2
    • Toastmasters: Learning effective and confident communication skills
    • Dress to get hired
    • Business Etiquette, first impression
    • Resume Formats: Which, When Why?
    • Protect your identity
    • Breakout: List/Discuss tangible job search  tactics that work to separate you from the herd
    • Breakout: Something from nothing
    • Breakout: Properly mourning your last career/job
    • Breakout: Social Media
  • Session 3
    • To get the job – CCV – Competence, Confidence, Value – [Video]
    • Get up! Get out! Get a job!
    • Your Career Compass: Finding your career “North”
    • Starting a Career in network marketing
    • Job Strategies: How to find a job
    • Breakout: Secrets a recruiter won’t tell you
    • Breakout: Networking for job search success
    • Breakout: Resumes
    • Breakout: (Description Missing)
  • Session 4
    • 7 habits of highly effective job seekers
    • The psychology of resumes and interviews
    • Presenting yourself well on paper
    • Networking – [Video]
    • Secrets a recruiter won’t tell you
    • Breakout: Happiness at work – your work values, your job and you
    • Breakout: are your focused? Are you prepared? Are you ready? Then shape up spiritually and mentally
    • Breakout: Is academia the way to go?
    • Breakout: A holistic approach to creating your own opportunities
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  1. Cathy
    July 14, 2010 at 10:32 am

    I would like to request that in the near future you would hold a Job Fair, due to this economy maybe it would support people out work a bit quicker in finding a job. Thank you

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