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CareerCampSCV 2011 Sessions

CareerCampSCV 2011 - 126

Here is a listing of all the sessions that were presented at CareerCampSCV 2011.

  • Marketing Yourself During a Job Search with Kevin Panet
  • Finding a Job of Passion with Dan Breakman
  • The Power of CCV – Competence, Confidence and Value in Work with Mitch Krayton
  • What is a resume for? with Mitch Krayton
  • Goosing Your Muse  – Creativity Career Path Patterns with JoAnn Braheny
  • Business Etiquette
  • Look Sharp, Be Smart – Ace the Interview with Karen Hudson
  • Get up, get out, get a job
  • Toastmasters and Getting the Job
  • Identifying your skills (transferable Skills)
  • What in the Hell is LinkedIn? You are invisible if you are not on LinkedIn with Jeff Tyler
  • Career Branding and You
  • Motivation and Direction in your Job Hunt
  • What do I Really Need to Do to Get a Job?
  • A Career in the Music Business with John Braheny
  • Writing Tips for Your Career
  • Social Media and Your Career
  • Getting a good sales job with Ed Bernstein
  • Starting your own business with Ed Berstein
  • Stay Healthy, look great, while looking for a job
  • Good Credit 101 – Pre-Course
  • How to blog effectively with Jennifer Oliver O’Connell
  • Resume Mash Up: Bring your resumes and explore their impact
  • What do you share? You are your own social media expert
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