How This Works

Welcome to CareerCampSCV!

Thank you for your interest in CareerCampSCV! Your participation will make the event a great day Building the Career You Deserve!

What you can expect:


Check-in will start at 9am. Please bring your printed tickets to speed up the sign-in process. Only registration is available until one hour before we begin. Those who haven’t yet registered online will be able to do so on-site, but on a space available basis. Please use the links on this site to pre-register and reserve your space.

A no charge, light breakfast and lunch, with drinks throughout the day, is in the planning stages. There are food vending machines available as well.

When does it start?

Our Welcome session will begin at 9:30 a.m. sharp in the Main Hall. Speakers and breakout sessions will start on the hour from 10 a.m. to Noon and 1 p.m. until 3 p.m.. We will clean up, have our raffle and leave by 3:30 p.m.

Stay to the end

Door prizes will be handed out during our closing session, so be sure to get your ticket when you check in. Be sure to stay. Only those present can win.

What is an Unconference?

CareerCampSCV is a hybrid unconference. While a few speaker sessions will be pre-scheduled, all other speakers and breakout sessions are decided by you. If you would like to speak, you will be able to write your topic on a note and place it on any open slot on the schedule wall. There will be a few suggested breakout discussion topics listed on the schedule wall, but you should feel free to suggest additional topics. Attendees will be voting on which breakout sessions interest them most and then these top topics will be placed on the schedule wall.

Please take the time to indicate your preference on these breakout sessions. This is your chance to make CareerCampSCV your conference.


There are few rules surrounding most unconferences. In order to make this the best conference possible, please:

• Be kind to one another. Be positive. Engage with your fellow attendees

Often the best part of any conference are the accidental conversations that happen between sessions and over lunch. Don’t be afraid to talk with others. Ask them what interests them most about CareerCampLA. Ask them what they are doing to “Build the Career They Deserve.”

No hard sell

If you are speaking, please feel free to mention your web site address during your talk, but CareerCampSCV is about sharing useful information, not making a sales pitch. If people are interested in your service, they will seek you or your web site out.

• Use the Law of 2 Feet

If you aren’t finding value in a particular speaker or session, use your “2 feet” to find another session that is useful to you. Find another speaker. Attend a different breakout session. Start your own ad hoc, impromptu discussion on a topic that interests you or just have a great conversation with fellow attendees in the “lobby.” In many ways, you directly control the quality of CareerCampSCV. Exercise that control.

• Help out where you can

Help others schedule their sessions. Help others choose their favorite breakouts. Keep the space clean by picking up after yourself and others and using the trash and recycle containers. Help us tear down at the end of the day. Whatever helps to make everyone’s day more enjoyable.

We will learn, share and have some fun along the way.

We look forward to seeing you all at CareerCampSCV!

CareerCampSCV Co-Chairs
Mitch Krayton
Anthony Michaelides
Risa Rosenthal
Douglas E. Welch

CareerCampSCV Sponsors
Lockheed Federal Credit Union
Castaic Lake Water Agency
More to follow…

If your company has an in-kind gift to offer CareerCampSCV attendees, please contact us at

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